108 flowerz

A coloring book for children and adults. 108 Mandala, flowers and geometric drawings. Color them out and relax. Or do the oposit and use them as tattoo design.

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A coloring book for children and adults. 108 Mandala, flowers and geometric drawings. Color them out and relax. Or do the oposit and use them as tattoo design.

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Lily Lu is a true visionary filmmaker, a modern shamanic philosopher of life, formerly Little Swastika, as a tattooist she pushed boundaries with groundbreaking tattooing techniques including the Love Tattoo over 4 backs and then the 3rd Dimension Project the worlds biggest tattoo over 10 backs.

Lily Lu’s previous persona Little Swastika quit tattooing in 2019 to dedicate herself to filmmaking. Her unique tattooing style is known worldwide and it is a progression of the tattoo artform. Her large back pieces, body suits and group projects are notoriously recogniseable in the tattoo world.

Born in 1986, she is an artist from Southern Germany. She spent most of her life as a male and now lives life as a female. Just as she has transformed art and tattooing so she has herself, turning inward to confront her own male ego and blossoming with Love, turning normal societies ideas on their head and defining her own gender.

Lily Lu is a creator, an artist, an independent filmmaker, an author and the builder of her own world. Her filmmaking is powerful and visionary, reflecting her eclectic style that is deeply rooted in Tengen at a place called “Psyland 25” more than a tattoo studio, more like an alternative playground for adults and an empire. She calls this her modern “temple” and it is by far her biggest masterpiece of creative art.

She is a lover of life and someone who believes in nothing. For her life is about love, passion and doing impossible things, crossing borders and doing what is considered by some as extreme. For her flesh hook body suspension, experimenting with psychadelics, extreme body modification, eyeball tattooing, BDSM, polyamory, fetishism and alternative porn are an everyday part of her alternative subculture she calls life. She loves shamanic rituals, philosophical thought and everything that has touched her heart and mind. Her love is deeply expressed and through the use of her hands she has built up her home ‘Psyland 25’ and manifested it as her biggest dream.

Her vision as a filmmaker is to document the beauty of true alternative lifestyle, to show what is behind the surface, the real raw truth, the beauty and the love within her and others in her world.

Lily Lu has been prolifically producing and conveying her documented vision through short films, small documentaries on her YouTube channels, more kinky films for Dirty Dreaz and aims to breakthrough into feature films in the future.

Lily Lu has been filmmaking for many years as a part of her Dirty Dreaz Project and winning film awards for her raw and edgy alternative xxx films.

She has travelled the world and has been heavily influenced by Asian Tibetan art and writing, developing her own sanscrit style called Psyscrit, heavily represented in her art style of tattooing and painting.

She has published multiple art books, a childrens fiction book. She has also been interviewed and published in the international press all over the world.

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