Be Aware of Normal People Graphic Hoodie

Design by Lily Lu (little swastika) (2021)
She always joked about normal people but never defined ‘how’ are the NORMAL people. After we made warning stickers this sentence become a classic and found his way on textile.
Elegant and more ‘normal’ design in the front and a big ‘mayhem in your face’ lettering in the back (filled with a small script pattern – love is life)
Neck label and also involve the new basic of our own labels and a work-tripwear silicon psyman label.

Always comes with Stickers and Free Patches.


Features of Be Aware of Normal People Graphic Hoodie

  • Premium Clothing and Apparel
  • Graphic work and Graffiti-inspired Design
  • New-age Calligraphic Graffiti Style
  • Highly Comfortable to Wear
  • Bold Front and Back Design
  • Easy to Wash

Why you Choose Be Aware of Normal People Graphic Hoodie

PSY25 has a wide rage of calligraffiti, graphic and tattoo merchandise collection in various colors and sizes. The Be Aware of Normal People hoodie design came to life with Lily Lu’s artistic vision and dedication to tattoo enthusiasts. Moreover, PSY25’s one-of-a-kind calligraphy art designs online shop reflects embodied in high-quality and genuine hoodies.

A Brief overview of Be Aware of Normal People Graphic Hoodie

  • Top quality cotton for Be Aware of Normal People Graphic Hoodie
  • Oeko-tex 100 certified as a result quality and sustainability highly ensured
  • ring spun, tubular construction
  • Multiple layer screen prints for  long-lasting technique
  • Clear Front and back tattoo/calligraphy art design print to rise visibility
  • Silicon work-tripwear patch for extra protection so, handle any situation

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Product Details of Bastis Mum Tattoo Graphic Hoodie


Be Aware of normal People is one of the best product at psy25. Lily Lu is well reputed calligraffiti artist in Germany. She designed Be Aware of Normal People t-shirt with her tattoo art experience, as a reaction to mainstream society using years of skills with graphic design and playing with texts.

  • high quality Hoodie (300g/m²)
  • Oeko-tex 100 certificate (infos below)
  • UNISEX style with set in Sleeve and twin needle stitching
  • Lycra ribbed welt and cufs and self colored draw cords
  • Hidden inlayed pockets and hood with double self fabric lining (no stitching and looks very clean – no cord)
  • 60% COTTON / 40% Polyester
  • PRINTs are multiple layer Screen Prints. Best and long lasting Technique. Feels more heavy than most other prints because even single white gets printed 2-3 layers to make the print as lasting as possible.
  • Front and back print
  • Neck label
  • Silicon work-tripwear Patch. For extra protection in any situation.
  • FREE sticker and patches in every Shirt

Welcome to our psy25 online calligraphy art shop. We have a huge collection of Calligraffiti and Tattoo hoodies, featuring exceptional designs by renowned calligraffiti and tattoo artists Lily Lu (Little swastika). In addition, this hoodie is inspired by Lily Lu’s distinct graphic and tattoo work. Additionally, It reflects her life experiences and precious thoughts. In additionally, she is a well-known tattoo artist based in southern Germany, known for her exceptional talent and creativity. So, explore Lily Lu’s world and learn about her inspiring journey. Moreover, she takes special care of tattoo lovers in her Psyland25 tattoo workshop. So, Select from our unique collections of calligraphy clothes and stay childish, embracing enlightenment, smiles, and happy thoughts, always available at the Psy25 webshop. Furthermore, psy25 online calligraphy art shop never compromise her uniqueness.

Item specifics

  • Best Use -Hiking, Travel, additionally use for occasions
  • Shirt Type- Calligraffiti/Tattoo hoodie
  • Clothe Type – 60% COTTON / 40% Polyester
  • Sun-Protective Fabric -Yes
  • Moisture Wicking – Yes
  • Quick Drying – Yes
  • Sleeve Length – Long Sleeve
  • Gender – Men / Women




The Artist:

Lily Lu creates art on many mediums since over 2 decades. This days she is a transgender Filmmaker, digital creator and entrepreneur. He creates Online Tattoo and Art Workshops. Sharing her perspective of life on her Youtube Channel. Building up her Masterpiece ‘Psyland 25’. What is more like a mix of Hippie Alternative Life community, Tattoo and Art Studio. Hosting beside of Crazy architecture and buildings a own guesthouse, film studios and much more to create like a own psychedelic inspired little world.

Her art is heavy influenced by his teenager time of Graffiti Vandalism who morphed into her later known tattoo style. With her love to calligraphy and calligraffiti her art get more influenced by travels to the Asian culture, tribes, rituals and the tibetan art. Out of this she formed her own script called ‘Psycrit’ who is nowadays mostly seen in her art, paintings, digital concepts, clothing, merch and almost everything she creates this days.

In the Tattoo world he was better known as Little Swastika, a tattooist worldwide known for his abstract avant-garde insane ink. Mostly big tattoos covering entire bodies with heavy blackwork, dotwork and a mix of visual brutal scribles, script, child-like lettering. He not only, become worldwide recognized by his own invented Tattoo style, but also, created heavy size pieces who was spreading over up to 10 entire Backpieces to realize one single design.

She published books about her philosophy of life, his geometric digital art, Tibetan and tribe inspired Tattoo designs, Mandalas and Pattern and her own script ‘Psycrit’. Beside, this she is constantly creating on many mediums to share her world and philosophy


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Be Aware of Normal People Graphic T-shirt

Tattoo artist Lily Lu (Little swastika) (2021) designed the very...