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Buy tattoo calligraphy books at psy25 to enrich your tattoo art knowledge.  

Psy25 is a well-liked online shop for tattoo art lovers, specializing in calligraffiti. Lily Lu, a renowned tattoo calligraffiti artist, excels not only as a tattoo designer but also as a modern calligraphy author. Her unique talent makes her stand out, and she has authored several tattoo calligraphy books for the calligraphy society. In her life, she underwent a transition from living as a man to living as a woman. She incorporates her life experiences into her tattoo calligraphy books. Furthermore, as an author, she has received numerous awards. She published many tattoos designed book for men and women to increase their tattoo calligraphy art knowledge.

Lily Lu, the famous author, released a wide variety of tattoo calligraphy books on her online shop, Psy25. The collection includes Tibetan art books, tattoo sketchbook set, passport covers, The Box I Called Life, and more. Among her customers, the Mandala coloring books and Modern Geometry books are particularly popular. She also wrote a well-known children’s book on child development called Maya Grumpypants. Additionally, her blackwork and dotwork tattoo design books have attracted many readers and gained immense popularity.

The psy25 online tattoo art shop offers a wide range of tattoo books for tattoo art lovers. By choosing from these books, you can enhance your artistic knowledge. The owner of psy25 and psyland25, calligraffiti artists Lily Lu, has published books in various categories, not only for adults but also for children interested in tattoo art. Additionally, her Tibetan art culture books are highly sought after by customers. Lily Lu pays great attention to traditional cultural art books in the psy25 shop. You can visit the tattoo calligraphy books section, select your favorite books, and broaden your artistic knowledge. Stay up-to-date with modern calligraphy books by connecting with Lily Lu’s art shop.